Foreword (September 2020)

By Joe Lederman (FoodLegal Chairperson), John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad (FoodLegal Bulletin Co-Editors)

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!


1.    FoodLegal launches Sustainability Webinar

FoodLegal is running its Webinar 'Sustainability: From its Core to its Law' on Thursday 15 October 2020. This webinar looks at how sustainability issues impact food business obligations and marketing opportunities and ho different sustainability-related issues are regulated for the food industry.

The Webinar will run from 12pm-1:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Click here to register.


2.    In this September 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin

Our FREE article “Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and elsewhere” provides this month’s update on new regulatory developments and scientific developments that impact food suppliers, beginning with Australia but also internationally.

Our article “Australian Government initiates major food regulatory reform processes explains the announcement of a major review of the Australia and New Zealand food regulatory framework that is to be undertaken by relevant government agencies, detailing the proposed scope and next steps.

In the article “All Vegetable oils are not the same: Comparisons of different categories of Vegetable oils” FoodLegal Scientist Rozita Vaskoska provides a comparative summary of many different vegetable oils and compares their cooking qualities and oxidative stability, use of preservatives, nutritional, health and safety aspects.

Our article “Can food be sold in a capsule, pill or tablet format? Strategic pathways for assessing a product against Australia’s food-medicine interface” addresses the multitude of regulatory issues to consider for a food which is sold in a special format in the context of the intersections between foods and complementary medicines and dietary supplements. The issues of product categorisation, choice of regulatory pathway and regulatory triggers are covered.

Our article “Fruit juice: An evolution in regulatory compliance issues for a series of emerging product developments explores the regulatory issues for fruit juice and allied products.

Our article “The Modern Slavery Act 2018 and compliance issues for food businesses” considers the new regulatory obligations and provides compliance guidance about this legislation for Australian food businesses and their supply chains.

Our article “Avoiding regulatory pitfalls when advertising in a COVID-19 context” explores the regulatory issues that apply to claims made in connection with COVID-19 or other illnesses, in the context of different product categories.

We hope you enjoy this September 2020 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

Joe Lederman, John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad

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