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Advisors for Strategic Decisions and Innovations

Our team of consultants and lawyers can help you with questions relating to compliance, food safety, quality assurance, risk assessment and management and other strategic decisions. 

Food Industry Education and Training

At FoodLegal we believe that education is crucial to keeping your competitive edge. We offer both in-house and corporate sessions in compliance training, food marketing and sessions on new updates and regulatory developments in the food industry. To find out more about our training courses click here or to organise in-house training, contact Charles Fisher on +613 9606 0022.

Lawyers and Regulatory Compliance Consultants

FoodLegal can provide you with the expertise in food laws and food regulation compliance that you need. We can assist in resolving issues with regulators, technical compliance & provide risk assessment and management advice for food companies. FoodLegal provides expertise in food marketing & labelling laws, product development, the Food Standards Code, the Australian Competition and Consumer Act, the Food Act and other regulatory advice relating to the food industry and allied fields.

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FoodLegal InHouse subscription service

In April 2015 FoodLegal launched FoodLegal InHouse™. It is a subscription service to assist with food innovation, food labelling and food marketing compliance. Originally developed as a comprehensive set of compliance tools to assist Foodlegal’s own compliance consultants, FoodLegal InHouse delivers these tools to subscribers. FoodLegal InHouse makes our compliance expertise part of your team. FoodLegal InHouse is a desktop solution and a platform to reduce the cost of compliance and will enhance the productivity of your food company. 

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FoodLegal Online

Need the answers on Australia’s Country of Origin Labelling laws?

Our team of consultants has developed a series of online training videos which brings FoodLegal’s experience and educational solutions right to your fingertips.

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Foodlegal Bulletin

Update on beverage container deposit laws in Australia, as at February 2017

While 2017 marks 40 years since South Australia introduced its Container Deposit Scheme, other Australian States and Territories have plans over the coming years to follow suit. This article looks into the other proposals and the impacts on any businesses selling beverages in Australia.

The regulation of herbs, plants and spices used in foods

Despite the recent Federal Court of Australia action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission against fake herbs and spices, there are other irregular regulatory compliance issues that can arise under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code standard governing herbs and spices. Herbs, Spices and several other plant materials, e.g. edible flowers and leaves are added to foods for a variety of reasons. These substances may be used for adding flavour, aroma, or for colour and visual appearance and also sometimes for some perceived health benefit.  This article reviews the food standard for using such substances in processed and packaged foods.