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Unsure on applying or interpreting the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code?

Having difficulty with NSWFA or ACCC or Customs/Border Control or Biosecurity personnel?

Any product labelling or product development issue

We can assist you with a range of technical solutions!


FoodLegal can provide you with the expertise in food laws and food regulation compliance service that you need.

An Australian regulatory consulting firm specialising in food industry compliance (including product compositional and marketing), we offer expertise and a practical and commercial approach to food related issues. We can assist in resolving issues with regulators, technical compliance & provide risk assessment and management advice. FoodLegal provides expertise in food marketing & labelling laws, product development, the Food Standards Code, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Act.

We advise organisations of all types and sizes including some of the world's most well-known brands, well-known companies, food business start-ups, industry bodies, food importers and exporters, manufacturers and distributors, some regulators and many more. FoodLegal avoids 'conflict of interest' issues by concentrating on compliance risk assessment rather than taking a frontline position between food companies.

FoodLegal has the expertise to provide specialist multidisciplinary services for clients with food-oriented legal compliance issues, commercial issues or policy issues.