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When should a "Preservative Free" claim be permitted?

This article of 2,000 words discusses several aspects of how the “Preservative Free” claim applied to a food may be either completely incorrect or in some cases a misleading and deceptive claim. A summary list of common fallacies is also provided in this article. The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code in its current wording allows many preservatives and other additives to remain undeclared on the food label. Rather than prohibiting food adulteration, it is possible to say that the Food Standards Code is actually a licence for adding substances to food under rules with some leniencies or technicalities as set out in the Food Standards Code. This means that many foods have an additive (such as Sulphur Dioxide, which can trigger serious breathing difficulties for those with asthma or respiratory conditions) without consumers being made aware of such an additive.  This article explains how this has been permitted to occur. 

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