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Advisors for Strategic Decisions and Innovations

Our team of consultants and lawyers can help you with questions relating to compliance, food safety, quality assurance, risk assessment and management and other strategic decisions. 

Food Industry Education and Training

At FoodLegal we believe that education is crucial to keeping your competitive edge. We offer both in-house and corporate sessions in compliance training, food marketing and sessions on new updates and regulatory developments in the food industry. To find out more about our training courses click here or to organise in-house training, contact either Charles Fisher or Michelle Holsman on +613 9606 0022.

Lawyers and Regulatory Compliance Consultants

FoodLegal can provide you with the expertise in food laws and food regulation compliance that you need. We can assist in resolving issues with regulators, technical compliance & provide risk assessment and management advice for food companies. FoodLegal provides expertise in food marketing & labelling laws, product development, the Food Standards Code, the Australian Competition and Consumer Act, the Food Act and other regulatory advice relating to the food industry and allied fields.

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Foodlegal Events Calendar

FoodLegal presents a range of public seminars, masterclasses and symposiums throughout the year.

We also run in-house workshops and training courses for food companies tailored to your needs.

Learn about our upcoming events by going to our events calendar or events pages!

E-Learning and Publications

In 2014, FoodLegal's business expanded into E-learning and modular online learning platforms. This now enables FoodLegal to provide a broad range of monthly modules for companies to choose from. This will facilitate a saving in both time and money. Allow your staff to learn anytime and anywhere and on any device with our convenient short online modules!

Foodlegal Bulletin

World Health Organisation publishes new sugar intake recommendations

On 4 March 2015, the World Health Organisation released new policy guidance for governments to consider regulating sugar consumption and recommending that the policy encourage reduction of daily intake of free sugars by a consumer to less than 10 per cent of total energy intake. This article explores the responses from food industry thought-leaders.

A critique of the World Health Organisation’s Gluckman Report on Child Obesity Policies

The Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) released its Interim Report on 19 March 2015. With Sir Peter Gluckman as one of the Co-Chairs, many were hoping the Commission would take a realistic view of child obesity and recommend practical solutions. This article discusses the report.