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Terms and Conditions

Please read the whole of this page carefully. By using, or registering to use, this website you acknowledge that you have read and have agreed to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you should not use, or register to use, any of the information or services provided on or via this website.

Access is Conditional

1. Access to and use of the website (“the Website”) and its associated FoodLegal Bulletin email newsletter (“the Bulletin”), and FoodLegal Online products, such as the Country of Origin Online Training Modules (“the Modules”) and any database information accessed via the login at the website (“the Databases”) is provided by Lawmedia Pty Ltd (ABN 49 114 751 983) (“Lawmedia”) on these Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Lawmedia reserves the right to review and modify any of the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time.

General disclaimers

3. The content of all articles of the FoodLegal Bulletin are of historical value BUT DO NOT INCORPORATE ANY UPDATE since they were first published. Articles are based on interpretations and opinions having regard to the law AS AT THE DATE OF EACH ARTICLE. Laws are always subject to change, and the legal position considered by any FoodLegal Bulletin article MAY DIFFER NOW FROM WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN.

4. Every article in FoodLegal Bulletin expresses opinions or interpretations that are subjective to the author and must NOT be viewed as binding statements of the law or affirmation of any facts.

5. Articles in or from FoodLegal Bulletin and the content of the Modules are NOT legal advice. Users must not rely on the contents of any article for any purpose, including (without limitation) reliance as the basis for formulating any legal position or making any commercial decision. Legal advice on all regulatory compliance and legal matters should be sought only from a qualified lawyer who has been briefed on the particular facts and circumstances of your situation and has been requested to advise on the basis of the full circumstances with full instructions to provide professional and qualified legal advice.

6. Use of the Bulletin and the Website and the Modules and the Database is at your risk. None of Lawmedia’s affiliates or directors, officers, employees, agents, contributors, third party content providers or licensors makes any express or implied representation or warranty about, or shall be liable, in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss, damages or reliance in connection with the Bulletin or the Website, its use, its content or any products or services (including Lawmedia’s products or services) referred to in the Bulletin or on the Website or in the Modules or in the Databases. This includes (but is not restricted to) loss or damage you might suffer as a result of any of the following:

(a). reliance on the completeness, accuracy, suitability or currency of the Bulletin or the Website or the Databases or any of their content (including third party material and advertisements in the Bulletin or the Website or the Databases), irrespective of any verifying measures taken by us. The Bulletin and the Website and the Databases are designed for general interest only and access is provided for information purposes only.

(b). failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, failure to correct defects, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or other harmful component, loss of data, communication line failure, unlawful third party conduct, or theft, destruction, alteration or unauthorised access to records.

(c). accessing any sites or servers maintained by other organisations through links on the Bulletin or the Website or the Databases. Links are provided for the convenience of users only (whether in relation to the Bulletin or the Website or the modules or the Databases) and without responsibility for the content or operation of those sites. Unless otherwise stated, linked sites and their products and services are not endorsed by Lawmedia and your linking to any such site is at your own risk.

(d). the provision of credit card or other financial information, the failure to complete (or delay in completing) any transaction, or other loss or damage arising from any e-commerce transacted or attempted to be transacted on the Website.

(e). defamatory, threatening, offensive or unlawful conduct of third parties or publication of any materials relating to or constituting such conduct.

(f). a breach by Lawmedia of its Privacy Policy (other than a wilful breach).

Continued site availability and access

7. Lawmedia does not warrant that it will continue to make the Website available generally or at all and reserves the right at any time to impose or increase fees for future access to any material appearing in the Bulletin or on the Website or from the Databases. The right is reserved to alter the Bulletin or the Website or the Modules or the Databases at any time, even if it changes the software or equipment needed to access or use the Bulletin or the Website or the Modules or the Databases or any part of them.

Limitation of liability (if any)

8. Lawmedia’s total liability to you (if any) for loss, damage or reliance shall be limited to the re-supply of the information or services or payment of the amount or amounts paid by you (if any) for accessing the Bulletin or the Website or the Modules or the Databases respectively (as the case may be).

Refunds or Returns

9. Lawmedia does not refund or offer returns for any transactions entered into via the Website.

Copyright and intellectual property

10. The material in the Bulletin and on the Website and in the Modules and in the Databases is protected by copyright under the laws of Australia and, through international treaties, other countries. Unless otherwise indicated, all rights (including copyright) in the content and compilation of the Bulletin and the Website and the Modules and the Databases respectively (including text, graphics, logos, button icons, video images, audio clips and software) are owned or controlled for these purposes, and are reserved, by Lawmedia or its contributors.

11. You may not, without the prior written permission of Lawmedia and the permission of any other relevant rights owners, broadcast, republish, up-load to a third party, transmit, post, distribute, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of, or create a derivative work from the Bulletin or the Website or the Modules or the Databases for any purpose. This prohibition does not extend to materials on this site which are freely available for re-use or are in the public domain.

Trade Mark

12. No Lawmedia trade mark or logo (whether registered or otherwise) may be used without the prior, specific, written permission of Lawmedia.

Subscriber Services

13. If you are a subscriber to, or user of, the Bulletin or the Website or the Modules or any Lawmedia product or service, you acknowledge that:

(a). you are solely responsible for the protection and confidentiality of any password or user ID that may be issued to you from time to time and you will not reveal (or cause to be revealed through any act or omission) your password to any other person.

(b). the price of any subscriber service is subject to change at any time.

Links to the Website

14. You are welcome to create links from your website to this Website. However, you must not use Lawmedia trade marks or logos for this purpose unless you have the permission of Lawmedia.

General provisions

15. These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. If any part of these Terms and Conditions of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed without affecting the remainder.