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Credence claims and managing ACCC risks

FoodLegal’s ‘Credence claims and managing ACCC risks’ workshop covers the best practices to identify when and how a non-compliance risk exists in any food marketing campaign under Australian Consumer Law legislation and what options can be considered.

This course is concerned with the many challenges to marketing professionals and product developers working in the food industry. It provides a multitude of  examples and illustrations showing marketing non-compliance risks in relation to food marketing, and food claims, and food descriptors, and campaigns that have not thought about legal consequences. The course is intended to help participants identify the risks and to know when Australian Consumer Law issues are likely to arise. It will explain when wording used in many marketing claims may need to be modified, and associated issues such as substantiation of claims and principles to follow in marketing, packaging, social media and other promotional activities.

FoodLegal’s intensive workshop will help participants answer such questions as:

  • When is there likely to be a risk of ‘misleading conduct’ and ‘misrepresentation’?
  • What can I say regarding a particular standard, quality or grade of product?
  • When is wording in any marketing blurb not to be taken literally but when do other similar words create a legal risk exposure?
  • What are the different rules for someone giving an ‘endorsement’ as against a ‘sponsorship’?
  • What are the rules and benefits in relation to consumer surveys?
  • What do I need to consider when designing free offers?
  • What product descriptions or claims are more likely to create additional non-compliance risks?
  • What are the rules for various environmental claims or some claims that border on nutritional or health claims?
  • How do the principles for the ACL compliance fit in with the requirements of similar food standards , or vice versa?

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