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Interview with FoodLegal Managing Principal on agricultural policy and eco-labelling

Date Published
 01 February 2010
 Joe Lederman

Many farmers and other food suppliers regularly express concerns about their vulnerability to being squeezed between added cost pressures particularly from governments and the pressures exerted by supermarket buyers demanding that suppliers meet commercially-unrealistic expectations of sustainability.  In this interview given by FoodLegal Managing Principal, Joe Lederman, to the Farm Policy Journal published by the Australian Farm Institute, Joe responds to issues about eco-labelling and the potential that food suppliers or farmers have to develop strong brands of their own with quality certification systems.

Many farmers are ignoring the example of organic food certification and have not realised the possibilities for alternative brand certifications that create new business and reduce the pressures from supermarkets and their private label push.

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The interview was first published in the November 2009 quarterly issue of Farm Policy Journal.